Notability: Losing Notes (or parts of notes)

Losing notes or parts of notes in Notability? This is usually a problem with your iCloud account but here are a few things to help solve this problem.

  1. Go to the Settings app > tap on your name > and then Name, Email - it will likely ask you to sign in to your school account (make sure it is connecting to your SCHOOL Apple ID). That will restore the iCloud connection if there is an issue.

  2. Make sure the iPad is up to date ( Settings > General > Software Update ) and that the Notability app is up to date (go to the Manager app find Notability and tap Update/Install ).

  3. Setup a 2nd backup plan (just in case). Open Notability > tap on the settings gear wheel (bottom left) > Auto-Backup > Google Drive (sign in and " allow" permission). This will create a folder in your Google Drive with a backup of your notes.

  4. Try using this method of turning in assignments: When the Notability document is ready to be turned in, tap the Share button > choose Other Apps > Share Note > Save to Files. Once the note is saved in Files, open the Files app , find the note, and share it to Canvas (like you normally would from Notability). 

If you continue to have trouble with this please create a Helpdesk ticket and/or make an appointment with your campus tech person so we can troubleshoot the problem with you and come up with a solution.

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