Trouble submitting assignments to Canvas

Having trouble submitting assignments in Canvas? Check the following:

  • Have you re-connected to the VCS Connect app? (Most common problem! VCS Connect allows students to connect to our network while at home - if not connected, they cannot submit assignments. Students must reconnect every 30-45 days or whenever there is a change to the WiFi at home or when they connect to a new WiFi network.
  • Is your iPad updated? (if not, while at home go to Settings > General > Software Update)
  • Is your Canvas app updated? (if not, use Manager app to update)
  • Did you try the web version of Canvas in Safari? (there is a link on all student iPads for "Web-Canvas")

If all else fails, have take screenshots of the assignment and the error message you are seeing as proof you did the assignment on time and create a Helpdesk ticket and/or make an appointment with tech support ASAP.

Please note: if you are using Turnitin - use the web version of Canvas as it works much better than the app. Turnitin documents must be submitted as a PDF.
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